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From HIMSS 3/1/10

March 1, 2010 News 1 Comment

From Kermit Randa: “Re: today. Long day of goodness sharing the critical importance of the OR in the current healthcare economic and IT landscape. The reception is a welcome end to a long day. Nicely done! Who can argue with beer, great apps, and a little John Cougar?! Thanks for all you an Inga do! Hope she stopped by the SIS booth for an Inga-tini!” I totally forgot that she told me that SIS has created a specialty drink for her, apparently available in their booth. She is enthralled with the concept of alcohol on the show floor, so I’m sure she has tried it already with a report forthcoming.

From Jack: “Re: camera cable. You should get an Eye-Fi.  It’s an SD Card that has built in WiFi capability and will upload images automatically.”

From Festus: “Re: partners. Seen on booths in the exhibit hall, ‘your partner in meaningful use’. A lie on two accounts. As discussed before on HIStalk, rarely is a vendor ever your partner and does anyone really believe they will help them use technology in a truly meaningful way?”

It was so cool to see everyone at the HIStalk reception this evening, so thank you so much if you attended, including our insiders who work on the sites who had a chance to be recognized. Thanks to Jonathan Bush for handling the HISsies announcements, to John Glaser for his video acceptance as CIO of the Year (I’ll post the HISsies winners when I get time), to Ross Martin, MD for his excellent world premiere of Meaningful Yoose Rap (you would not believe the government approvals he had to get to do it), to our sash wearers, and for Encore, Evolvent, and Symantec for putting it together (especially Amy Glass on the Encore side). I’m sure I’m forgetting people, but like you, I’ve had a beer or two too many (if you didn’t try the Max Lager’s Red, it went down pretty smooth). And how about that bagpiper! Thanks to Deborah Peel, MD from Patient Privacy Rights for staying over an extra night just to hang out with us, to Inga for all the work she did to prepare for the reception, and to those many people in the audience who work for companies that sponsor HIStalk, HIStalk Practice, and HIStalk Mobile and who chose to spend their evening with us. It’s just 364 days or thereabouts until the next one in Orlando!


I need to get the scoop on this since I left the party early. It appears from a reader’s cell phone pic just sent that Epic’s Judy Faulkner showed up and is pictured with Jonathan Bush from athenahealth. Big props for her if she did since I know she basically never does that sort of thing even though I asked her and she said she might. More to come.


And Dr. Gregg Alexander snapped this one of the B52s at the Eclipsys party. Love ‘em.

Speaking of Symantec, the company announces a cloud-based storing and data sharing environment for healthcare.

Dell announces that it will offer EMR hardware and consulting services in affiliation with the AMA.

Microsoft announces HealthVault Community Connect, which allows hospitals to make EMR data available to patients or to share the information with other providers.

I didn’t go to the opening keynote because I didn’t really want to get up so early, but it apparently talked up 4G quite a bit. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse says it can take health care out of the 70s, which could be argued.

I think we reported this as a rumor back in November or something, but Sisters of St. Francis chooses Epic.

Bassett Healthcare (NY) chooses PatientKeeper.

Voalte asked me to pass along that you iPhone users can stop by their booth to charge up.

I’ll add a few booth reviews and that’s all the time I have tonight since I have to get up early. And I’m exhausted since I remember now why hate the GWCC exhibit hall (Hall C is way separate from A/B and I never did find the secret passage that connects them, even though I’ve used it in years past and I even asked a security guard to point it out). As a result, I didn’t see much in Hall C.

  • Several sponsors had their autographed We Power HIStalk signs in their booths, so thanks for that.
  • Virtelligence had theirs front and center.
  • Cattails MD from Marshfield Clinic had a pretty substantial booth.
  • OnBase had the sports bar and that amazing card trick guy again.
  • Not much changed with Epic’s booth,including the fact that Judy was in it most of the time.
  • EDIMS had a video game.
  • Eclipsys had a nice, open booth.
  • Kronos staffed theirs very well, making it easy to get someone.
  • Allscripts had lots of orange and looked good.
  • Microsoft’s had a decent crowd, but not as much as last year from what I could tell.
  • API’s was kind of skyscrapery, which I liked.
  • GE’s was sprawling and divided up into sections.
  • I’ll award NextGen the best booth award with its bold, purple cylinders and arches.
  • McKesson had the usual blue and orange, but a whole separate sub-booth for Paragon.
  • The Alert people from Europe had females some pretty impressive pants that I can’t really describe.
  • Sentillion’s was labeled as “A Microsoft Company”
  • RelayHealth’s was nicely done in McKesson colors, very open.
  • Google’s was tiny and kind of dead.
  • iMDsoft had a giant John Glaser photo.
  • MEDSEEK made the best use of a reasonable space with some good design and an upstairs area. They attached their HIStalk sign directly to the podium, which was cool to see (Inga fretted that she told Kinko’s to go one size bigger than 8×10 and the next jump was apparently pretty big).
  • Rel Ware had what was apparently a full sized Back to the Future DeLorean. Pretty cool.
  • Chipsoft had the yellow wooden shoes again, still my favorite giveaway.
  • eClinical Works had their sign out – thanks. So did Greenway.

HERtalk by Inga

Greetings from Atlanta!

I arrived at the convention center mid-day Sunday lurked around a few meetings and looked for famous CIOs. I realize how nerdy this is, but I was thrilled to catch a glimpse of a few CIO superstars like Bill Spooner, John Bosco, and Ed Marx as well as vendor big-wigs like Glenn Tullman, Sunny Sanyal, Judy Faukner.  We are definitely in the land of HIT rock stars.


If you are not a rock star but want people to think you are, HIMSS has made available a plethora of extra ribbons to adorn your name badge. I gave Mr. H one that says "PMP" and told him it could be a good conversation starter since from afar the mind automatically wants to insert an "I".

Mr. H and I had an HIStalk executive board meeting Sunday afternoon and voted to continue the blog. Since he was designated CEO of HIStalk for the HITmen event, he graciously awarded me the title of President. My mother would be proud.

When the meeting was adjourned, we joined a relatively small crowd at the opening reception. I suppose it is difficult to create an ambiance with a warehouse-like room that has concrete floors and open rafters. There was a live band, but the acoustics were so bad I couldn’t tell you what they played or if they were any good. Mr. H reminded me how crowded the reception was last year as people tried to avoid walking in the Chicago snow storm. I’ll take the sunshine of Atlanta.

Today’s agenda includes CCHIT town hall meeting and checking out the exhibits, including the interoperability booth. Then a bit of primping and on to Max Lager’s. I promise to keep good notes and share details of the day, especially for those of you keeping the lights on at home.

E-mail Inga.

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  1. Thanks for everyone who attended the HIStalk reception. It was an honor to co-sponsor the event. I certainly agree with Mr. H on two accounts. It was great to see Judy (and Carl) at the event, and it could not have been pulled off withouth Amy Glass. She made it a mission this week to make this the best party of the week and she really pulled it off. Congrats and thanks to her! Great to see old (and new) friends.

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