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November 10, 2009 News 6 Comments


From Downwit-IT: “Re: HIMSS. Following Cerner and Meditech, Siemens has made the decision to pull out of the upcoming HIMSS conference. No booth, no representatives traveling to Atlanta. Siemens will reach out to its customers and prospects via virtual, Internet-based means.” Unverified, although I don’t see their name on the exhibitor list. Anybody else not going?

From Keenen I. Wayans: “Re: AHA Solutions. Would you look favorably on a product that earned their endorsement?” It wouldn’t influence my opinion, but I’d like to hear what everyone else thinks. It’s a pay-to-play award, but that alone doesn’t make it worthless, I guess.

From Larry Fink: “Re: stock. If you compare the ten year-stock performance of Cerner and Eclipsys, the difference is mind-blowing. Cerner is up 948% over ten years (including 106% this year); Eclipsys is up just 18% over ten years.”

From Nasty Parts: “Re: Sage. Jason Dvorak, most recent VP of sales, resigned last week. Multiple sales execs have also resigned recently. Rumor is that Sage Healthcare is interviewing to hire a new company president.” I invited Sage to respond directly. “2009 was a very positive year for Sage Healthcare. With the opportunities that exist in this marketplace today, Sage plans to expand the leadership team with the hiring of a Division President in the near future.”

From Anon: “Re: Being John Glaser. The title sends a message that the subject is a narcissist.” I made that title up because Being John Malkovich popped into my head, knowing that John is anything but a narcissist. I didn’t see the movie, by the way, but Ebert’s review made me think it was appropriate: “Malkovich himself is part of the magic. He is not playing himself here, but a version of his public image — distant, quiet, droll, as if musing about things that happened long ago and were only mildly interesting at the time.”

From Wounded in Plano: “Re: Dell. The Dell-Perot merger has already started to see the loss of healthcare talent that Dell sees as dead weight. Dell is sending projects overseas (including clinical EMR support), laying off ‘expensive’ talent and focusing on a manufacturing mentality in a consulting world.” Unverified.

From The PACS Designer: “Re: Sectra’s loss. TPD is deeply saddened upon hearing of the accidental death of Sectra’s president, Dr. John Goble, in a helicopter crash. The selection of Thomas Giordano as acting president is a move in the right direction to continue Sectra’s strong presence in this country.  My deepest condolences go to his family, co-workers, and friends.” Goble, 58, had led US operations for the company since 1997.


From Funny: “Re: SEEDIE. Very. And it could be funnier if it wasn’t so true.” I’ve mentioned SEEDIE and the Extormity EHR before, pretty funny parodies (although also ironic in its criticism of technology — the site is down at the moment with a MySQL error). I didn’t notice until now that they’ve been putting out phony news items, also funny:

After a raucous 3 minute debate, the SEEDIE board of directors voted against PHR standards that would force certified EHR vendors to interoperate with personal health record systems using a common set of data standards.

“Our members advocate a walled garden approach, with a distinct preference for proprietary PHR applications that treat interoperable vendors as untouchable members of a caste system,” said SEEDIE executive director Sal Obfuscato. “Like Farmer Brown in the tale of Peter Rabbit, we want to keep all those rapidly multiplying PHR companies from nibbling our electronic health record cabbage.”

Today is Veterans’s Day. If you served, thank you. If you didn’t, thank them.

Firefox has been inexplicably bogging down constantly for me, requiring me to three-finger salute it, so I switched back to Chrome. Darned annoying, though: you can’t get Google Toolbar for Google Chrome. Sounds like they have some healthcare IT DNA in there somewhere.


Ingenix will acquire CareMedic, a Florida-based vendor of revenue cycle solutions for hospitals, in an all-cash deal whose terms were not announced.


Welcome and thanks to Quality IT Partners, new to HIStalk as a Gold Sponsor. The Mt. Airy, MD company, which will be nine years old next month, offers its consulting clients (hospitals, health systems, long term care, payers, pharma, etc.) first rate services at a value-based cost structure. The company almost never advertises, so I was pleased to hear this from Director of Business Development Bruce Werner: “The President of our company (Mark Debnam) and I have been following HIStalk for quite some time and we recently got our leadership team hooked on it as well.  The leadership team unanimously voted to invest in HIStalk. You and your team have done a great job with the site and we are proud to be a sponsor!” Inga and I appreciate that.

John Piano, the founder and CEO of tissue and organ EMR vendor Transplant Connect, is named Better Man for 2009 by GQ Magazine, which recognizes “charitable work, volunteerism, and/or community involvement.” He received the award at the Gentlemen’s Ball (really). I don’t know if physical appearance was judged (it’s GQ, after all, not that I have any idea whether he’s attractive or not) but his company helpfully included lots of flattering photos.

The Carolina eHealth Alliance will use Oacis HIE from TELUS to power its health information exchange, starting with 12 EDs in South Carolina’s Lowcountry. The product includes an EMPI and the Oacis Clinical Viewer.

Weird News Andy hacks this story up: researchers funded by a Gates Foundation grant say their cough-analyzing software, which will run on cell phones or MP3 players, can diagnose disease by measuring coughs.

Kronos announces several new Q4 sales, along with financial results that include $672 million in FY revenue and $143 million EBITA.

Being a non-profit wage slave, I don’t pretend to understand the “variable prepaid forward contracts” that Cerner founders Neal Patterson and Cliff Illig just exercised ($64 million worth). Somehow they get money now for shares to be sold in the future (three more years in their case). All I know is it’s one of those fancy hedging strategies that sometimes gets people in big trouble with the IRS.


Mayo Clinic and Steelcase study the influence on the latter company’s computer furniture, which was designed for Mayo to help doctor and patient view a computer monitor together for teaching.

Idiotic lawsuit: a man goes into a deli and claims he was bitten by the owner’s cat. He’s suing for $5 million.

HERtalk by Inga

The VA Heart of Texas Health Care Network expands its collaboration with CliniComp, adding the company’s Esentris Critical Care solution.


Jordan Hospital (MA) selects ClaimTrust InSight Denials for claims denial management.

eClinicalWorks adds another IPA to its client list with the signing of Catholic Independent Practice Association (NY). The IPA purchased 150 PM/EMR licenses to connect community physicians and will work with eCW to tie into the HEALTHeLINK RHIO.

Former Allscripts-Misys and Emdeon exec Ray DeArmitt takes over as the executive VP of sales for NotifyMD.

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian (CA) expands its partnership with Surgical Information Systems with its purchase of the SIS’s anesthesia, BI, and tissue management products.

NextGen Healthcare just completed its user group meeting in Washington DC, reporting attendance of over 2,700 and featuring keynote speakers Newt Gingrich and Howard Dean. The hot topics: ARRA, healthcare reform, interoperability, and patient-centered medical homes.

my sharona

iSirona appoints John Cooper chairman of the board, replacing iSirona founder Dave Dyell, who will continue to serve as CEO. Cooper’s previous gigs executive roles at Sungard, Eclipsys, and SMS. Totally off subject, but am I the only person who thinks of that song by the Knack every time I see the iSirona name?

The healthcare sector added 28,500 new jobs in October, 10,000 of them in hospitals.

OhioHealth selects ProVation Order Sets to automate its creation and management of evidence-based order sets.

If you are a regular HIStalk reader, the details in this report will not surprise you. Scientia Advisors expects the global HIT market to grow 11% over the next four years, with the US setting the pace. Most new investment will go towards EHRs. Lower-cost remote hosting will increase in popularity for smaller hospitals and clinical decision support systems will continue to impact the clinical diagnostics area. SaaS and open-source models will drive down pricing, they say.

HealthBridge selects Mirth Meaningful Use Exchange for its interoperability infrastructure. Once implemented, HealthBridge will become one of the first HIE’s to enable physician access to the NHIN.


CSI Tech wins the implementation contract for Grady Health System’s (GA) $40 million Epic installation. The inpatient and ambulatory installations will take 18-24 months. CSI Tech already handles Grady’s ongoing internal IT needs.

Here’s an iPhone application I don’t need but wouldn’t mind seeing one day. Lit: A Game Intervention for Nicotine Smokers is in development at Columbia University’s Teacher College and will be released within two years. The application is designed to emulate the physiological responses smokers get from smoking and would involve blowing into the device’s microphone. The RWJF is funding $150,000 for the project. With cigarettes costing an average of $5 or more a pack, it will be interesting to see how the application is priced.

Hayes Management Consulting announces it will be offering services for ARRA-funded Regional Extension Centers, including EHR readiness assessments and planning, clinical workflow redesign, EHR selection, and HIE development.

MEDSEEK honors seven clients who earned a total of 15 eHealthcare Leadership Awards at the company’s 13th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference. They were selected from over 1,100 applicants.

Kaiser Q3 numbers: operating income $336 million; net income $569 million. These numbers are significantly higher than last year’s when the company suffered major investment losses. Meanwhile, enrollment dipped about 63,000 to about 8.58 million.


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Currently there are "6 comments" on this Article:

  1. RE: Today is Veterans’s Day. If you served, thank you. If you didn’t, thank them.

    Thank you to all the Veterans of the armed services who served our country!

    This includes Racquel Orenick, HIMSS Corporate Counsel.

  2. I will miss Siemens, Cerner, and other no shows at HIMSS in Atlanta. Everyone knows HIMSS is a not for profit educational trade group for the HIT vendors. Missing those big names, there will now be less income. I wonder if the Grassley love letters have a role in these franchise vendors taking a leisurely walk. Think of all the hoopla and nightlife they will miss.

  3. I disagree with the comments on the Dell/Perot acquisition. Rather than cutting the talent I am seeing a very nice melding of the cultures. I say “goodbye” to some of Perot’s agressive sales tactics (focus…outsourcing, outsourcing, outsourcing) and “hello” to Dell’s more laid back partnership style.

  4. Re: Cough-analyzing software:
    Ok… I know where the doctor’s hands generally are when he says “Turn your head and cough”. Does this mean I’ll have to now employ the cell phone in some similar way? (There’s an image, huh?)

  5. “Steelcase-funded research at Mayo Clinic finds ways to put doctors, patients on same side of table”

    Hold the Mayo, what did the IRB say about this? What are the key endpoints of the “research”? What a brilliant idea! If this gets the attending doctors to sit with the patients, hold their hands and clickers, and speak to the families and explain what is going on, it will be well worth it.

  6. ““We have an impressive track record of success in the healthcare IT space, particularly for large scale EMR conversion projects,” said CSI Tech President Gene Scheurer. “Our pricing model and the expertise of our consultants ensure that healthcare systems of all sizes have a viable alternative to reduce implementation costs.”

    SDince these projects include the lives of patients, where is the research results published that verifies the program’s track record of success. Do they record the delays of patient care during implementation?

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