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Being John Glaser 5/5/09

One of the greatest inventions of all time is the three-by-five card. Compact. Sturdy. Lightweight. Portable. Blank on one side. Lines on the other side. The three-by-five card has many uses.

The three-by-five card is at the core of my efforts to organize my work life. This card lists those things that I need to pay attention to, or ask about, or do in the next one to two weeks. If you were to look at my three-by-five card today, what would you see?

There are other items on the three-by-five card, but I have probably bored you by now.

For those of you who have yet to discover the three-by-five card, I encourage you to check it out. No batteries. No worries about an operating system crash. Easy to read. You can drop it down the stairs and it doesn’t break. And you don’t need to stay in the lines when you write on it.

John Glaser is vice president and CIO at Partners HealthCare System. He describes himself as an "irregular regular contributor" to HIStalk.