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Morning Headlines 8/18/17

August 17, 2017 News 3 Comments

A Start-Up Suggests a Fix to the Health Care Morass

The New York Times profiles Aledade, a startup founded by former National Coordinator for health IT Farzad Mostashari, MD.

Strategic partnership enables physicians to conduct clinical research and offer new clinical therapies to their patients

Allscripts announces a partnership with Elligo Health Research that will allow users to enroll patients in clinical trials managed by clinical research organizations.

Mylan Agrees to Pay $465 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Liability for Underpaying EpiPen Rebates

EpiPen manufacturer Mylan will pay a $465 million fine to settle a false claim act for intentionally misclassifying EpiPen as a generic drug to avoid paying rebates to Medicaid.

Cerner selected as Medical Center’s new electronic health record provider

St. John’s Medical Center (WV) choses Cerner Millennium CommunityWorks as its next EHR.

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Currently there are "3 comments" on this Article:

  1. Adelaide article.
    So many inaccuracies…
    1. The “studies” article was to 1 JAMA article that showed that ACOs have never shown to decrease cost or increase care. In fact nearly all studies AFTER that show that there is NO cost savings NOR increased quality. Period.
    2. ACOs are HMOs with a new name. Do all you can to do as little as you can. People realize this. It becomes obvious. And then costs go back up (Ahem, the article above) and quality down.
    3. There is NEVER a discussion costs of the “battalion” of admins sent out to the field to administer, maintain and run the ACOs. That is NOT factored in the medicare savings. Believe it or not, even with those HUGE cost factors, ACOs including Adelaide cannot seem to make it work.
    4. Value Based Care is a buzzword care. Puffery language to make politicos think they are getting quality for their dollar. Its self reported quality reporting games and do everything you can to delay, deny care. That is VBC. It, too, will fail like HMOs and the rest.
    5. The article is disingenuous and a puff piece for Farzad, who by the way, is NOT a practicing MD, he did one year of a path fellowship and quit. He is an original designer of MU as a NON and NEVER practicing MD that set off the EHR disaster we have on our hands now. He was a well connected politico, with grandiose ideas, that do NOT translate to the real world. Sure he can stir up venture capital with his pontificating, but watch it crash and burn soon and he will blame everyone but himself.
    5. My guess is that he will do EVERYTHING to show that he has some small modicum of savings so it does NOT fail in year 2. Even if he has to get 1000 admins out to the ACO sites to click all the right boxes and push all the right paper, to show maybe a 1% savings. Its a sham. And a shame.

  2. This New York Times profile seems to ignore Dr. Mostashari’s “real’ innovation. Population health approaches are a form of socialism and in small scale tests with lots of eyeballs on the Doctors they will look pretty good. The problem is that they will break down and be more expensive and continue to grow our health care costs. Also, a tenet of second opinions or freedom for patients will be sucked away. It’s okay for a patient to go to an ER and not tell their PCP. The amount of actual savings seems to be dubiously checked and when they’ve raised $75 MM no one is going to willingly discuss if it’s not going well.

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