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January 10, 2017 Headlines 7 Comments

Biden, Obama attack lack of meaningful use

Politico quotes Vice-President Biden as saying “you guys in the health care industry are the least sharing people in the world,” going on to say that he’d like to have the Secret Service lock the CEO’s of the major EHR vendors in a room and keep them there until he got answers.

Cleveland Clinic doctor’s anti-vaccine column: Q&A explainer

The VP of Content for Cleveland.com, the website that inadvertently ran an anti-vaccine piece by a Cleveland Clinic medical director, says that the Clinic’s communications team was setup as a trusted publisher and uploaded the controversial op-ed on its own without oversight or warning. and  Cleveland Clinic’s ability to publish articles to the site has now been revoked.

Iatric Systems Announces New FlexButtonTM Application to Bring Third-Party Patient Data into the EHR Workflow

Iatric launches FlexButton, an EHR bolt-on solution that pulls relevant patient data from other EHR systems into clinical workflows with the push of a button.

Siri, Am I About to Have a Heart Attack?

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, hedge fund manager Andy Kessler blames EHR vendors, Epic in particular, for the lack of EHR interoperability in healthcare.

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Currently there are "7 comments" on this Article:

  1. I am going to miss Uncle Joe speaking his truth to power. I’m glad he’ll be kicking around the healthcare space, though, he’s a good man to have on our side. If you don’t like what he said, prove him wrong.

  2. So NOW to be clear, NO one likes meaningful use/MACRA/ACI/QPP/CPIA/PQRS etc etc.
    MDs loathe these programs. Hopefully obvious by now.
    The outgoing Obama administration that were so happy to pile this on front line providers, untested, unproven, with woefully unprepared, alpha type software, noware shooting their CMS and ONC folks in the back on the way out. Great. Could have spoken up prior to a week before you leave. We have dealt with this for 8 years.

    Suddenly this admin sees that a policy market that chokes innovation does not work. How long do we have to scream that from the front for them to hear us. That government certification of EHRs only lead to IT focusing on those hurdles and not on the MDs and job at hand. This drove out innovators and left us with the Epic Cerner battle and horrible software that is costly unsafe not secure and not usable.

    Timely today, http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/874217
    All these P4P programs like MACRA, have had NO effect on improving outcomes.
    They have only burdened providers/driving good MDs out, cost billions and increased the admins in healthcare.

    Our only hope is that the new administration will throw all this out the window. Let IT work with MDs directly on what we need. Get DC out of medicine and exam room. That experiment TOTALLY failed.

  3. Mel — Now is the time to exercise patience. New HHS leader Price is going to bring relief ASAP. Not only has he served on the front lines as a provider, but also has many close friends who lost private practice due to regulations.

    Relief is coming!

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