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Morning Headlines 6/2/16

June 1, 2016 News 2 Comments

Judge Finds Michael Dell, Silver Lake Underpaid for Dell in 2013

A Delaware judge rules that Michael Dell underpaid shareholders more than $6 billion when he took the company private in 2013.

Transparency Requirements for Health IT Developers Will Help Providers Know More About Their Products

ONC launches a new website focused on improving health IT vendor transparency that gives providers an opportunity to review mandatory cost and system limitation disclosure statements on products in the marketplace.

National Solution For Accurate Patient Identification Appears Within Reach

CHIME concludes the Concept Blitz Round of its Healthcare Innovation Trust National Patient ID Challenge, and names two winning teams that will each receive $30,000. The contest will now move on to the final round which will award a $1 million prize to the winning team.

It’s Time to Unbreak Healthcare

Athenahealth launches its Unbreak Healthcare marketing campaign, designed to “jolt the industry into experiencing what is broken in healthcare,” through a series of short films, social media conversations, and a new web publication called athenaInsight.

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Currently there are "2 comments" on this Article:

  1. When will these arrogant idiots from athena spend their resources on building a better mousetrap rather than spending immense marketing dollars trying to disparage Meditech, Cerner, Epic and others.

    This whole Let Doctors be Doctors and Unbreak stuff is simply a BS marketing strategy to try to disparage any other vendor who actually does their best to help healthcare cope with a ridiculous stream of regulations.

    athena loves using the federal government to protect themselves but then slams them indirectly throughout their marketing campaigns.

    These guys are two-faced and arrogant.

  2. Agree with other comment. Athena’s attempt at connecting healthcare dysfunction with their competitors is lame in every sense. When they finish development of their own integrated OP and IP system will they then also need to be unbroken? I certainly would applaud them for doing the right thing in terms of spending marketing monies on creating real awareness and targeting real health care issues. Many very successful organizations doing their part to really help be part of the solution use their competitors and are and doing very well from what I can see. Even having fairly happy physicians. Sorry Athena, time to move on from the stereotypical physician having to toil away for hours at their PC, with takeout Chines food, finishing charts.

    Kicking off a campaign making fun of healthcare executives, those that are really are trying to unbreak healthcare, not make investors happy is in bad taste. Especially in light of the fact that one would assume they will come knocking at some point trying to sell AthenaOne to these same shortsighted dimwits.

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