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Morning Headlines 11/12/15

November 12, 2015 Headlines 4 Comments

The Path Forward for Meaningful Use

John Halamka, MD and CIO of BIDMC, publishes a blog outlining his assessment of the MU program. He explains, “Clinicians cannot get through a 12 minute visit, enter the necessary Stage 3 data elements, reconcile problems/allergies/medications from multiple institutions, meet the demands of the  Stage 3 clinical quality measures, make eye contact with patients, and deliver safe medical care. There needs to be a new approach.” 

For US Hospitals, A Mixed Report In Electronic Health Record Adoption

A study published in Health Affairs finds that by 2014, 75 percent of US hospitals had adopted a basic EHR, while 40 percent had implemented the functionality needed to meet MU2 criteria.

Boston Children’s looks to IBM’s Watson for rare-disease help

Boston Children’s Hospital will work with IBM’s Watson team to bolster the supercomputer’s nephrology database and enhance its logic to help spot rare kidney disorders..

Safeway, Theranos Split After $350 Million Deal Fizzles

The Wall Street Journal continues with its Theranos coverage, recounting a failed deal with Safeway that cost the grocery store merchant $350 million spent on in-store clinics designed to house Theranos analyzers that were never delivered.

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Currently there are "4 comments" on this Article:

  1. oh boohoo cry me a river John Halamka Aren’t you in your profession to make lives better? take another few minutes to do whats right for the patient not your pocket

  2. The above comments are inflammatory and horrible. We are front line providers. We work 24 7 365 on caring for you. We are the caregivers. When the caregivers are telling you that our EHRs are unsafe, inefficient and unusable, you better listen. We are NOT data entry personnel. And all this massive legislation attempts to make us that. Free data entry people. Our time is just as valuable as yours and we cannot take extra hours doing all this meaningless computer work to get finished with our day. Do not preach to us on what is right for our patients and our patient care. We are telling you that these programs are in our way. They are problematic. They are unsafe. Most physicians work very hard to care for our patients, and for not a huge salary or reimbursement. As more providers are opting out of medicine due to these complicated overburdening schemes, we will become even more scarce. If you want to complain about not being able to get an appointment now, just wait.
    Secondly, we tried value based or bundled payments in the past with HMOs, its the same thing. Ration or restrict care, its the only way to save money. Call it what you want, but that is basically what Value based or bundled payments are. So don’t get too excited about that, it will solve nothing.

    John hit that post out of the park. I am a front line provider and I agree with him that MU is dead and killing the medical profession. Walk in my shoes for a week and I’ll watch you cry a river and scream boohoo.

  3. Re: meltoots

    I 100% agree with your post. It’s terrifying the damage poorly implemented and developed EHRs cause in a hospital system at scale. We will look back at this time period some day like we now look at Ignaz Semmelweis and look at certain vendors like his opposition of the day.

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