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August 27, 2013 Headlines 2 Comments

The Gap between EMR Vendor Market Share Widens

KLAS releases a new report on large hospital EMR market share changes during 2012. Cerner and Epic took 75 percent of new business in the 200+ bed market. McKesson lost the most customers during the year after announcing their decision to sunset the Horizon platform. Of all vendors evaluated, Epic was the only vendor to retain 100 percent of their customer base for the whole year.

Sutter’s $1 Billion Boondoggle-New Electronic Records System Goes Dark

Another nurses union is publically questioning the safety of its EHR system, this time 24-facility Sutter Health’s Epic system, which went down Monday after a system upgrade.

Deadline looming for state’s patient record exchange

Two competing pay-to-play health information exchanges operating in Kansas have until September 30 to connect their networks or they risk losing $1 million in grants promised to them. The two agencies have successfully tested network connections, but have been at an impasse since May over security policies designed to control for inappropriate secondary use of shared data.

Scoring system could help reduce adverse drug events in hospital patients

University of Florida College of Pharmacy researchers are developing algorithms to help hospitals determine the best pharmacist staffing numbers to prevent adverse drug events and improve patient safety.

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Currently there are "2 comments" on this Article:

  1. Thank the lord for the nurses unions, for otherwise, we would never know the truth about the computer crash catastrophes of HIT run medical care. There are literally hundreds of system shut downs or crashes very week in which doctors and nurses can not do their work of patient care.

    Why aren’t there mandatory reports for system unavailability?

  2. @Jenny Dimento, MBA –

    I’m a big fan of labor rights, but nursing unions have been really getting under my skin. The linked announcement is full of misinformation.

    1) No direct quotes. There are no facts. For example: “I have never experienced a system crashing like what I heard happened at Eden yesterday”…..”like what I heard”….not a single direct or reliable quote. The rest of the quotes are from biased union reps.

    There was “an issue with the software that manages user access to the EHR” – so don’t blame the EHR when their Citrix farm (or whatever they use) goes down. You should actually try to understand what you’re criticizing before you criticize it. It’s fair that then nurses are complaining about not having appropriate downtime training, but instead of pointing fingers in the aftermath and just complaining that EHRs are unsafe, how about you work with IT to setup future downtime drills? THAT would show an ACTUAL committment to patient care.

    2) Completely ignores the labor dispute. Nevermind the fact that a union press release might be biased when the union is an active labor dispute with Sutter.

    3) Complaining about charging. They try to demonize the nurse manager for complaining about $6k + missing charges from a week. That’s over $300k in annual revenue out the door. What monsters the managers are for trying to avoid that.

    According to Sutter:

    A nurse who chooses to work full-time at our hospitals with CNA contracts:

    •Earns an average of $137,000 per year (based on 2012 W2 data).
    •Receives a generous employer paid pension.
    •Gets up to 40 paid days off annually.
    •And has the option of 100% employer paid health insurance, or low-cost benefits.

    God forbid they make you use a computer and/or work more than 35 hours a week.

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