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Supreme Court Upholds Healthcare Law

June 28, 2012 News 6 Comments

The Supreme Court rules to uphold the ACA, including the individual mandate.

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  1. Lower-income earners are exempt from this “tax.” How about, for them, funnel their (refundable) Earned Income Tax Credit into an HSA?

  2. This bill, if not repealed, affects two groups of people. Those who cannot afford healthcare and those that studiously avoid it. Hey, let’s penalty tax the individuals who cannot afford it and the weekly ER visitors can continue their lives as normal. (Remember, Obama said this was not a tax program when he introduced it…whoops). Who is this helping other than funding the government with more tax dollars. Doctors and hospitals are still going to treat those that walk in. It’s like states requiring auto liability insurance. You can’t MAKE someone buy it until they get caught and then penalized and even then, they get a policy and immediately cancel it after the court date. But wait, toss in states rights – enough states are up in arms about the government now telling them to ante up on medicaid. I don’t see this as a benefit to patients and am curious to see how this will really push the use of an EHR.

  3. Can someone explain how our Primary Care network is going to handle adding 44 million people to their practices? My PCP is already booked for 3-4 days out. I go to Urgent Care when I’m sick, only see my PCP for annuals and non-urgent issues. I guess it will be a good time to be a NP…

  4. @printgeek: The ACA contains provisions for increasing payments to primary care providers; that could mean that more physicians will chose to become primary care practitioners. It won’t happen overnight, but neither will 44 million people get insurance overnight (and the estimates are that maybe 30 of the 44 million will get it).

  5. Eddie, don’t count on more physicians choosing to become PCPs. The PPACA will increase the Medicaid rolls. Medicaid doesn’t even cover the cost of providing care for the sick. Also, I have yet to see the 10% increase in my PCP fee… Medicare is great at levying penalties, but is poor at increasing their reimbursements.

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