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Pam Pure Leaves McKesson

March 31, 2009 News 87 Comments

McKesson announced this morning that Pamela J. Pure, executive vice president and president of McKesson Technology Solutions, has left the company as of yesterday. No reason was given for her departure and no replacement was named.

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Currently there are "87 comments" on this Article:

  1. Former McK Employee says:

    I left McKesson on my own after 8 years with the company. I saw this disaster coming. The SR Mgrs were so focused on their bonuses that they didn’t stop to consider the implications of replacing good people with inexperienced off-shore resources. Replacing programmers is not llike replacing office furniture! All of the years of experience went out the door.

    As far as Pam is concerned, you have to be on the bottom of the ladder to understand what it was like to work under her. She was only concerned about one person–herself. As soon as she took over for Graham, she immediately removed the gain sharing program. Then, to top if off, she instituted a “performance-based” merit increase where everyone was graded on a curve. This meant that managers had to “fight” to defend the rating they gave you against everyone else, and only a certain number of people could be in each rating category above “average”. How ridiculous is that? So, let’s turn everyone from a team player into a backstabber so they get a better increase!

    The final straw was when she withheld merit increases for other employees, but paid out 50% of the bonuses for the KMIC (directors and above) employees. Let’s see–who needs the money more, you think? And who gets paid a lot more?

    One more thing…(you can tell I’ve been saving this up). Get rid of the ineffective, lazy managers that don’t do their job! The “boys club” mentally needs to go, or pretty soon their won’t be an MPT anymore.

  2. Bad Management says:

    Former MCK employee hit the nail on the head. .The only problem is bad managers are so deeply embedded in the corp structure that it will be impossible to root them out.. And then you have the go with the flow managers that will change like a chameleon and follow which ever the current in thing to do is.. these are the most dangerous and hard to find, but ya can always spot them when it’s raise time. They will cut throat for sure when it comes to money.. and the workers will suffer and be cut..
    How much money did upper. upper mgt make for last year??Check it out, ,another Million’s of dollar plus for the elite,, while employees were laid off and got no raises this year… That’s ICARE for ya

  3. AnonymosOffshoreEmployee says:

    I have worked on Encore in India. I think what “Former McK Employee” and “MCK 13yrs” say is right. I have seen a lot of fresh talent come out of college and start working on products like “Encore” without even understanding what the customer requires. This added to the failure of “Encore”

  4. Fourth Hansen Brother says:

    Interesting. Pam Pure sounds a lot like Judy Faulkner. Micro manager, 50 projects at once, the pay raise system described is exactly the same as Epics where everyone is force into the average category.

  5. former MCK'er says:

    what happened to Duncan James??

  6. RIF'd McK Employee says:

    Duncan was let go not too long after Pam. Rumor has it – he and Sonny Sanyal were up for the same position under Pam a while back. Sonny got the position and Duncan had to report back to Sonny – made for some very uncomfortable meetings…bad ju-ju

  7. McK Employee says:

    lets just remember that this isn’t Pharma. Don’t confuse MPT with all of McK.

  8. RIF'd McK Employee says:

    Agreed – Pam controlled only Provider Technologies.

    Middle to upper level management seems to have the GE mentality that seasoned, senior level professionals can be replaced with greenbeans right out of college (in most cases – the last time these ‘kids’ were in a hospital was the day they were born) – OR – off shore resources (that have no concept of the US healthcare system business model) for about a third of what is paid to experienced, high performing employees. The remaining senior level employees continue to experience quality of life deterioration because they are left to carry the greenbeans and/or off shore resources often working 60-80 hour weeks for ‘average’ perfrmance ratings, no merit increases and reduced or no bonuses due to poorly designed/programeed/GA’d products…….which then causes those employees to resign for different opportunities and the greenbean cycle begins again……

    While this business strategy looks good for the bottom line on an immediate basis – McKesson will ultimately pay a much higher price tag over the long haul.

    Additionally – customers have been grumbling for quite some time about the 175/hr cost they are baring for the privledge of training McKesson greenbeans, consequently, McKesson has lost a significant amount of consulting business to independants and consulting firms. That loss is not going to impove anytime soon with this latest round of layoffs of senior brain trust employees.

  9. Anonymous says:

    MCK = Nepotism + Corruption+ Incompetence.

  10. ambyguy says:

    Hey Guys, How are the Paragon and Practice Partner groups to work for ?. A good friend of mine is considering an offer from MPT are they considering any RIFs ?..I personally work on the pharma side and dont have a clue about the internal dynamics of MPT..

  11. RIF'd McK Employee says:

    At this point, with two key player positions open (Pam’s and Duncan’s) – the internal dynamics within McKesson are in a state of flux; however, based upon past performance, they have only done two lay-offs in a year one other time that I am aware. Lay-offs are usually done the end of physical year (which is March) so they are probably ‘safe’ for at least the remainder of this year.

    Paragon is on the way up – they did not do any layoffs in that area this time around so, presumably, they are somewhat well protected as they are the only solution McKesson has for the small to mid size hospitals – additionally – Paragon is supposedly ‘scalable’ to work for hospitals having as many as 1200 beds…… The GM for Paragon is very egotistical but I suppose that comes with the GM territory. He has a pretty good management staff and the CPG folks are wonderful to work with.

    Practice Partner is having some struggles but again – I am not aware of any lay-offs in that area. The bulk of the lay-offs this last time appeared to be in Horizon, legacy and sales organizations.

    Hope that helps!

  12. Junior Mints says:

    Graham is just as responsible as is Pam. He hand picked her, mentored her, and has basically directed her for the last 8 years. When Graham sneezed Pam farted. If upper level management was held to the same level of execution as the sales team was and is, heads would have rolled a long time ago in product development, product marketing, etc. Graham has never gotten his arms around how to measure non-sales personnel, nor did Pam. That is what is killing MPT.

    MCK has always been about delivering on the numbers with little repercussion for missed development deadlines or quality code. Now, they can’t give away their clinical systems now because the total cost of ownership of “free” over the life of the product is far more costly even without a seven figure acquisition fee. MPT is a total goat rodeo.

    The MCK board needs to serve the shareholders by spinning off MPT/Relay. If they don’t do this they are only rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic and will likely begin to impact margins in the pharma and supply divisions.

  13. Candy Albicans says:

    ambyguy – Yes, the Paragon side is good to work for. They travel (the services side anyway) all the damn time, but that comes with the territory. RIFs happen, but like someone said earlier, they typically happen @ the end of the FY.

    Pratice partner is fun as well; however, it’s never been my cup of tea.

    As for everyone else on this thread, I’d just remind you to put more value in your individual relationships rather than try to force some sort of opinion out of a strategic move by the senior way way way up there management.

  14. Starburst says:

    What role does Jim Bodenbender play in this whole thing. He is the main guy right under Pam Pure. I have been hearing a lot about other people, but not to much about him.

  15. Stockholder says:

    Poor Pam. It must be hard being among the growing ranks of the unemployed like so many others these days. I hope she hasn’t spent all of the $11,765,041 that McKesson paid her in in 2009 yet. Of course, that was nearly DOUBLE her compensation for each of the 2 prior years. McKesson has a “pay for performance” policy, so if they doubled her compensation in 2009 her performance must have been really good, so why would they let her go?

    Something just doesn’t add up here. As a stockholder, I’m not sure what I’m getting.

  16. carlton says:

    I heard there are more layoffs to come. They seem to got rid of those people they did not want.

  17. anonymous says:

    Not surprising the items do not work properly

  18. RIF'd McK Employee says:

    More big changes in the Horizon Clinical Management team….a CPM director was sent to Marketing where she will have no more employees reporting to her – good move…..it is unclear where the CPM VP went but the Sr. VP over all of Horizon Clinical Services has now got only the Project Management and the PMO came out from under Sales and is now aligned with the Services organization but is not under the same SR VP that has project management….another good move….if the 4 leaders involved with CPMs and PMO (CPEs) can put egos aside for the good of the organization and work together to reduce redundancy and ensure that project and program management are pulling in the same direction….all Horizon Clinicals under new Sr. VP leadership – Charmaine McDonald….another good move….have worked with Charmaine in the past….if anyone can straighten this mess out – Charmaine is the person to do it.

  19. Stockholder says:

    Not sure what magic you expect Charmaine to produce. The issue with McKesson is that they are totally driven by their finances. I suspect there are many good people within McKesson who truly do care about their customers and the products they produce, but are not able to do what they believe is right because of direction from management that is driven totally by the need to “make the numbers.” Too bad.

    Not much evidence one way or another on Pam’s replacement, Patrick Blake. Hasn’t done anything yet. From his background he seems to be yet another sales guy, unlikely to drive solid direction on products and customer satisfaction, but let’s see what he comes up with. I’d like to think that he is a fresh face who might surprise us.

    The appointment many months ago now of Randy Spratt as CTO seemed promising but no visibility of any results from this so far. Product development is a huge weakness of MCK so one might have expected an outside appointment in this role, but no. Spratt’s appointment is a look to the past, not the future. McKesson really needed a boost in how it develops software but in turning to Spratt, the company has decided to look at how it did things in the past and not how it should do things in the future. We were hoping for better.

  20. Investor says:

    After following these comments I am extremely happy that I did not accept a position from McKesson. I have known the “internal politics” there through several of their “upper managers”. With the “boys club” that reported to her, it seems they were hired more for their “looks” than their ability to run a business.
    I feel for the customers and stockholders that are going to be left high and dry in a very short time. All of the above comments regarding the “boys club” are so accurate it amazing the “big boys” like Hammergren are so blind as to what is really happening there.

    What a shame…they could have had it all.

  21. Also RIFD says:

    Pat Blake headed McKesson Specialty. His major accomplishments:

    1. Enlarging the name to McKesson Specialty Care Solutions.
    2. Acquiring a huge oncology GPO that basically took over the BU culture. It’s become largely an onco business.

    As a non-management employee, I didn’t see much of Pat who usually hid out in SF anyway, sort of like the Wizard of Oz. He was only with the BU for about 2.5 years if even that long.

    He fired a lot of sr. execs including quite a few who deserved it IMHO.

    But he was rather distant and not nearly as communicative with employee as Brian Tyler, his predecessor who is now president of Med-Surg, or Peggy Yelnek, who was shuffled off to the new Provider Relationship Systems when they split from Specialty around the time of BT’s departure for Richmond.

    It’s one thing to fly from SF to Scottsdale AZ, just an hour or so, every couple of weeks for a day or two. Will Pat relocate to Alpharetta or run it long-distance? And more importantly how is the golf there?

  22. Former Sales VP says:

    I worked at mck 4.5 yrs all in clinical mgmnt. Came in starry eyed. Worked 60-70 hrs week finally took a few weeks vaca in last year. Had 4 different bosses and a new team to manage every single year. Got hounded to move to Alpharetta as an “up and comer” when I didn’t ( had 2 kids in high school) I slowly became invisible to the Real Boys Club that exists. I spent 50% time apologizing to customers and building personal relationships so they wouldn’t dump us for nondelivery encore/herm and horizon. Encouraged to mislead about integration (pharmacy still not integrated with order entry. Tout med safety leader??? Jeeze). Only clinical deals last 3 years are small med sized hospitals that shouldve been sold paragon but commissions wouldve been lost for the boys. These places got 90% off deals if not zero sw. They thought it was a deal. Same places epic never wanted as customers. I was one of 500 layoffs before Pam and 2nd wave. Some great people there. I admired Pam but felt sorry for her because her team sucked. Mck is toxic for many but a great training ground on how to be tough. Customers: keep yelling and demanding.

  23. Sam I Am says:

    McKesson is courting EPIC as the Horizon launch continues to slip.

  24. Saarah Dash says:

    I wish I knew this site existed when I got laid off. Mckesson Managers are the pits. For a whole year my manager harassed me with lies and recruited her spy team in every way she could, my complaint to human resources fell on deaf ears. I was the only employee who sat home for 4 months without an assignment. The VP of HAC called me a liar on a conference call and the immoral and unethical things they did who have been worth a jury selection. It is a crime. The product is the absolute pits and when the templates underperformed or the prescription eligibility failed to accomplish the task it was supposedly designed to to they blamed their employees.. At the time of layoff I was asked to ocme to the office to do work, when they singlehandedly cornered me and took my laptop and escorted me to the door with 2 months severance pay not to mention they did the same thing to my husband. The company, the product and the managers incluidiing the boys clubs and all those who get a title increase every year needs to be ousted. Willl that ever happen? Doubt it!

  25. PrevMckEmpl says:

    McKesson owners and management should read the book, “Good to Great”….about how corporations become great corporations. McKesson will never become great, they do everything wrong!

  26. RIFee says:

    As a grateful RIFee I am so glad not to be employed by McKesson anymore. Truly the most dysfunctional company ever. A total McJoke. McDisaster. McTrainWreck. You get the McPicture.

  27. Pharmasucks says:

    I currently work for the Pharma dept. in one of the distribution centers. I tell you, they have this thing they call ICARE they push these principles on the hr.employees but clearly don’t give a darn about the employees. Managers take credit that shoudn’t be awareded to them, employees are not recognized for their efforts and managment spends more time focusing on ways to fier employees rather then train and promote. Unless off course its time for an offcial HR visit. Well then its an all out joke. They pick a panel of happy, priviliged employees that sit in on a meeting where they talk up the distribution and no one addresses the concerns they have behind closed doors. They’re all worried about the after shock of being honest. We have a survey that we are forced to take every year on how the company is doing. Each emplyee is escorted to take this survey, they the DC gets funded because all the employee took the survey. Little do they know we were forced to take it, it was not an option.The employees hate the worthless HR dept. and they have flexible rules for some employees while others get fierd for breaking those rules. That place is in the dumps.. 90% of the employees are unhappy and the others do what they want when they want.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Worked for the rms division in michigan. More and more outsourcing to india. While on short term disability they laid me off. Second round of layoffs in six months. All mckesson cares about is the bottom dollar.

  29. R&D coder Classics says:

    FYI: not all of McKesson MPT employees are so unhapppy – some of us are there 15, 20, 25, and 30 years. So the company must be doing something right. I suspect happy employees don’t come here to vent — only unhappy ones …And yes we have the same yearly survery, and yearly RIF’s … BUT said RIF employees if they are good employees …. can apply for any other MCK job listed and they have top priority before they can hire from outside the org… and in my time with HBOC now McKesson MPT I’ve never had a boss take credit for one of my ideas… I have had bosses be very intrested in my personal and worklife growth and in the growth of my paycheck…

  30. Julie says:

    I worked at McKesson for 3 years and it was a HORRIBLE company to work for. Good riddance, Pam.

  31. MCK drone says:

    Anyone know if Ms. Pure landed anywhere after McKesson? Or did she take her platinum parachute and retire?

  32. Anonymous says:

    Since it looks like “Encore” Horizon ERM (RM) will not be ICD10 compliant, does anyone have any idea when the whole product will be “finished?”

  33. Anonymous says:

    Horizon is going to be eliminated

  34. Kevin (competitor) says:

    I had interviewed for a Horizon job. Now I am so glad that they were so openly racist – Americans need not apply. You have to be an Indian, or a Korean (and not speak very much English).

    For those of you who don’t know. McKesson imported the same incompetent people who screwed up the product in India to the US for an encore! HR is supposed to turn the other way while they let those jerks hire their relatives and countrymen. Sorry if I’m not too broken up at their failure.

    I know a lot of past/present McKession employees, and a lot of them seem to have been damaged by the experience. Mostly, they seem to have lost their moral compass (seeing open corruption uniformly rewarded has its impact). The tales they tell me of open unethical behavior are kind of hair raising. OK, I see that this is NOT a place I want to work.

    On the other hand, I certainly LOVE competing with you guys! A three-person company with a little focus (and maybe some business ethics) can pick off customers left and right. I’m going to have a long career in healthcare IT – without ever working at McDirtbag.

  35. R&D coder Classics says:

    someone sounds like a spoiled brat that didn’t get thier way!

  36. anonymous(need a job) says:

    Seems McK isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I would know since I work there. Right now my issue is: STOP OUTSOURCING OUR JOBS you greedy pigs. Everytime I turn around I hear about people being laid off, moved. It sure looks to me that more and more of our work is being outsourced to OMEGA. Now we’re loosing all coders except two, correspondence gone, payment posting, gone. We now get to do OMEGA’s poop work because they are a bunch of incompetent idiots over there. But hey, McK’s making more money. Isn’t that what it’s all about. I am thoroughly disgusted with this place. Yes, I’ll attest to the different rules for different people, sneaky things going on, keeping people in the dark till the last minute then jumping their asses for not having this or that done. What a piece of work. Don’t get me wrong, I am greatful for having a job at this juncture in time. Just can’t believe I ended up working for a company that doesn’t support America. Let’s support wealth for CEO’s!!! Yeah, go team McKesson. Oh and thank for all the T-shirts you hand out every year for “Community Days”. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pay my electric bill with a T-Shirt!!!!

  37. John says:

    I have been on the customer side of mckesson software for 12 years. 12 years ago the software was awkward clunky, and behind the times. Today their software is, clunky and behind the times and no one there can tell me how it works or how to fix it everything is a workaround.

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