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  1. It was expected that he would have to dance around a good number of those questions (especially the last one about Obama). That was a great format, I’d like to see that more often.

  2. I am a dentist with an interest in EDRs. Mr. Tullman did not once mention dentistry. I don’t think he knows what he is getting into. D. Kellus Pruitt DDS

  3. I also liked the format for the chat with Glen Tullman. I only wish I had been there to ask the Allscripts CEO some questions as well. Next time he pops his head up on the Internet, I’ll be there.

    Do you think Tullman, or any Allscripts rep will respond to this comment if I forward it in an email? What excuse could they possibly have not to? I am a provider. I am where his product hits the marketplace. What he says concerns me more than any of you at HIStalk.

    “I see the merger of Allscripts with Misys, not only as an opportunity, but as a responsibility. We simply must use our new size/scale, our set of solutions and our reach to radically accelerate the movement to create a truly interconnected healthcare system in order to eliminate errors, improve quality and better manage cost.” – Glen Tullman, CEO of Allscripts

    He clearly states that he intends to use Allscripts’ size and scale to solve problems. While this may sound wonderful to healthcare IT stakeholders, as a dentist, it would scare me if I thought Tullman has a chance of succeeding with his plans.

    In the decade or so since Glen Tullman has spoken about interconnected providers, he has never mentioned dentists – as far as I can tell. And that is why he is vulnerable. His statement that EHRs will eliminate errors, improve quality and manage costs is transparently absurd in dentistry. Tullman simply does not know what he is talking about. I do.

    As the last question of the interview, Mr. HIStalk asked Glen Tullman if he would seek a cabinet position. Tullman coyly evaded the question, but conveniently allowed that he has always been an Obama supporter. Hmmm.

    I studied Tullman. I am not impressed. For example, this week Tullman told Alex Nussbaurm of Bloomberg.com that providers need to take out loans to invest in his product “to ensure that doctors have some skin in the game.”

    Another leader of a big business from the 1950s with similar ideas put it this way: “What’s good for GM is good for the country.”

    I do not want Tullman anywhere near Washington DC. The nation has suffered enough from insensitive and unresponsive command-and-control dinosaurs. D. Kellus Pruitt DDS

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